Single Sided Gondola Shelving

Looking for high-quality single-sided Gondola Shelving to enhance your retail space? Our shelving units are designed to meet your needs. With a weight capacity of 70kg per shelf level, you can display a wide range of products with confidence.

Our Gondola Shelving features a convenient bolt-less design, making installation quick and easy. No need to worry about complicated assembly processes or specialized tools. Simply connect the components and start organizing your merchandise.

To ensure efficient product labeling, we provide free data strips with our Gondola Shelving. These strips help you organize and categorize your items, making it easier for customers to find what they need.

With our Gondola Shelving, you can create an attractive and organized store display that maximizes your selling potential. Invest in our reliable and versatile shelving solution and take your retail space to the next level.

Double Sided Gondola Shelving

Upgrade your retail space with our Double-Sided Gondola Shelving. This versatile shelving solution is designed to enhance product visibility and maximize your display area. With shelving on both sides, you can showcase a wide range of merchandise and attract more customers.

Our Double-Sided Gondola Shelving offers exceptional durability and strength, with each shelf level capable of supporting up to 70kg. This ensures that you can confidently display items of various sizes and weights, from small accessories to larger products.

Invest in our Double-Sided Gondola Shelving to elevate the visual appeal of your retail space while maximizing your product display capabilities. With its premium quality, easy installation, and thoughtful design features, our shelving solution is the ideal choice for enhancing your retail environment.